Online German language learning app


Online German language learning app for everyone who wants to learn German easily and in a quick time, before traveling to Germany in order to work in German or study in Germany.

Online German language learning app

In the following lines, we will mention the best Online German language learning app:

Online German language learning app
Online German language learning app

Clozemaster app to learn German

Clozemaster and Lingvist may no longer differ in form, but they do share some functions. They both teach new vocabulary through exposure to a passage of language in context sentences via flashcards and spaced repetition.

The Clozemaster style will appeal to learners who want to feel like they are playing a game. There are points to earn, levels to advance in, and an element of friendly competition. It’s mostly free to use, but that’s probably because it’s not the most comprehensive app out there.

PONS app to learn German online

This dictionary app is a useful tool to easily translate between German and English (and 36 other languages). Dictionaries are constantly reviewed by lexicographers and are constantly updated.

There are also plenty of context sentences to enhance comprehension and audio recordings so that you can be sure to say things correctly.

LINGUEE app to Online German language learning app

Sometimes just looking up individual words in a phrase isn’t enough to give you the meaning of the phrase as a whole. In these cases, a phrase translator is more useful than a dictionary.

It’s something Linguee can help with. Take advantage of the vast amount of bilingual text available on the web by searching for your phrase. Often times, it has been translated before.

DER DIE DAS APP to Online German language learning app

Articles in German contain important information such as the gender, number, and case of the noun they describe. German students will know that choosing the right essay is easier said than done. There are a bunch of rules and exceptions to remember, and this isn’t inherently fun.

The goal of this application is to make the practice of German articles and nouns more comfortable and fun. The app is easy to use whenever you want and will give you plenty of opportunities to practice.

GERMAN ARTICLE BUSTER app to Online German language learning app

This app has the ability to help you memorize 1700 different common German names and their articles. For each of the names, it will teach you the gender as well as provide the correct translation and pronunciation. The app uses spaced repetition to help you remember what you’ve learned in the long run.

There are also original images of part of the vocabulary words, as well as five additional videos that provide additional instructions to help you with your task of learning German articles.

The NEWS IN SLOW GERMAN app to learn German

Finding educational materials that grab your attention is often easier said than done, and it’s worth a lot. In this regard, the slow German-language news achieves a lot.

The use is very interesting and the content is really attractive. In addition to uploading new 30-minute episodes each week, there’s a huge amount of study material available in their Grammar and Expressions catalogs – enough to keep you occupied for as long as you need to.

It is worth noting that this app is very useful for intermediate level learners.

LINGODEER to Online German language learning app

Lingodeer may not be the most popular app on this list, but it has a lot to learn. It makes use of interactive games and light lessons to make learning convenient and engaging.

This approach makes it easy to start studying German without feeling overwhelmed, especially for people who are just starting out with a language.

The first languages ​​available on Lingodeer were Asian, but the app has since expanded to offer other languages, including German. The course will be very useful for beginners and learners from beginner to intermediate level,

But it is interactive, includes a variety of exercises, and uses high-quality sounds. This is not something every app can do.

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