Free German language learning apps


Free German language learning applications for every researcher looking to learn German for free and easily, Android applications to learn German online before traveling to Germany in order to study in German or work in Germany.

Free German language learning apps

In the following lines, we will mention the best applications to learn German for free:

Free German language learning apps
Free German language learning apps

Language Transfer app to Free German language learning apps

Language Transfer and Duolingo are both free language apps, but that’s about everything they have in common. Where Duolingo focuses on games and attractive graphics, Language Transfer is purely sound and takes a more subtle and interpretive approach.

The app teaches learners how to think their way through a new language, highlighting the similarities and differences between German and English. As such, it is best suited for English-speaking learners of German. And there are no ads either.

The 50 lessons in the German language course are all relatively short and provide a great introduction to the language.

MEMRISE app to learn German online

Is there an app with more user-generated content? I’m not sure it exists. Memrise blends flashcard learning with interactive activities to keep the learning experience fresh.

The flashcards themselves are not old flashcards. They often have pictures and sentences for context and native speaker voice and are interactive.

The mobile app is easy and fun to use, there is a lot of content available, and spaced repetition is used to make the process more efficient.

ANKI German language learning app

This flashcard app takes personalization seriously. It’s customizable, in fact, there are fairly lengthy manuals dedicated to describing how to use it. If you want complete control of your study materials, it is worth getting to know them. You can make deletion cards and add photos, audio, notes and tags to suit your needs.

Like the best memorization apps out there, Anki uses spaced repetition. This, along with its customizability, has made it a go-to resource for people in all kinds of industries, where language learning has become commonplace.

There are also quite a few shared decks for German language learners created by other users.

LINGVIST app to Free German language learning apps

While it offers additional features to practice almost every aspect of the language, vocabulary acquisition is what Lingvist does best. Like many others on this list, it uses spaced repetition and flashcards to get users to stick to new words in long-term memory.

Rather than limiting practice to direct word-to-word translations, Lingvist introduces new language elements into sentence context to accustom users to seeing the language as it is actually used. The design is modest and elegant, but it’s more fun to use than you might expect. Free German language learning apps It is also very effective.

DW application Free German language learning apps

As an expat, it can be difficult to know what is happening in your chosen home country. You will soon find that most of the local news sites are in German, which is understandable.

While Google Translate can help you learn the basics, Free German language learning apps it’s sometimes helpful to access news and opinions about your new home in English.

Not only will you get a better understanding of what is happening in Germany, but you will also get a clearer view of the people and priorities in your new home. For expats residing in Germany, Free German language learning apps one of the most popular sources of news and information can be found on the DW app.

From the German public broadcaster Deutsche Well, the app offers content in 30 languages.

GERMAN ARTICLE BUSTER app to learn German quickly

This app has the ability to help you memorize 1700 different common German names and their articles. For each of the names, it will teach you the gender as well as provide the correct translation and pronunciation. The app uses spaced repetition to help you remember what you’ve learned in the long run.

There are also original images of part of the vocabulary words, as well as five additional videos that provide additional instructions to help you with your task of learning German articles.

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