BMW 2022 Pricing and Specs


BMW 2022 Pricing and Specs – in Saudi Arabia BMW is one of the giants of car companies in the world, founded in Germany in 1916, and after that there were multiple nationalities involved, it started manufacturing aircraft engines and currently manufactures motorcycles under the BMW MOTORRAD logo, it released new cars “sedans and coupes” with multiple options of Engines (Petrol, Hybrid, Electric) Each category has an independent engine to satisfy a large segment of consumers.

BMW 2022 Pricing and Specs
BMW 2022 Pricing and Specs

BMW 2022 Pricing and Specs

  1. The BMW 745e 2022 is powered by a “turbo” motor designed specifically for highways for sporty performance with these designs.
  2. Total power: 320 hp.
  3. Motor: Capacity 4000 CC, about 4 liters.
  4. Rollers: 6.
  5. Turbo charger: Also equipped with an electric motor.
  6. Hybrid engine: Attached to it is a battery that works with a torque of 12.0 watts per hour.
  7. Battery: It can save 17 miles, more fuel saving.
  8. Charging: 110 volts “quick”, or direct current up to 220 volts.
  9. 740I Series engine: comes with an “optional alternative” all-wheel drive feature from XDRIVE with “BMW MARKETING TALK” technology.
  10. Suspension: flexible in all driving modes.

Petrol consumption of the BMW 2022 7 Series

  • BMW generally has a moderate gasoline burn rate in the 6-cylinder engine versions (750I, 740I), these results are evident.
  • Highways: Inverted gallons in a distance of 29 miles.
  • The M760I engine: 12 cylinders, the highest fuel consumption.
  • Hybrid 745e: Maximum gas savings at just 12 miles per gallon, that’s amazing!

The interior of the BMW 2022 7 series

  1. The BMW 7 has a luxurious interior that is suitable for its exorbitant price, while at the same time placing the hard roof to counteract shocks in the event of a rollover.
  2. Brushes: Made of tough BMW 2022, anti-fouling, and of course anti-fouling leather.
  3. Seats: their position in the first row “driving” can be changed to 19 levels.
  4. sport suspension system Panoramic hatch above the roof.
  5. Climate control: Dual zone air conditioner. heating techniques.

BMW 740i infotainment

  • The information systems of the BMW 2022 7 Series feature Idrive 7.0, which combine these technologies.
  • Main screen: Tablet-like, responsive to fingerprints from 10.2 inches.
  • Center console.
  • Ports: in the front USB slots.
  • Sockets: spread in the front and back with a power of 12 volts, 4 in number. bluetooth.
  • Samsung Panel: A rear-facing BMW 2022 mode to enjoy multimedia, and it is from 16 speakers.
  • apple car play
  • Audio: From the harman kardon 16-speaker system.

Technical dimensions of the BMW 2022 7 Series

  1. The BMW 7 is prepared for off-road safety.
  2. It has a massive exterior, sturdy tires and shock-absorbing ground clearance.
  3. Overall length: 207.4 inches, or 5247 millimeters.
  4. External width: 74.9 inches or 2142 millimeters.
  5. Clearance: 58.2 inch is approximately 1478 millimeters.
  6. Weight: Empty without load from 1925 to 2340 kg.
  7. Tires: 126.9 inches or 3210 millimeters.
  8. Semi-autonomous driving: through intelligent cruise control technologies.
  9. It is considered “self” but it is not recommended at peak time and generally crowded places to avoid accidents.
  10. Brakes: ABS & EBD, Anti-Slip feature along with pressure distribution for all tires.
  11. Lane tracking.
  12. Warning: drowsiness for the driver of the vehicle, or when leaving the lane.
  13. Advanced theft alert.

BMW 2022 7

  • The car has a spacious interior.
  • This is in addition to the existence of modern information systems.
  • The front of the car is similar to that of the BMW.
  • As for the car exhaust, it was hidden.
  • It allows you to drive several modes, including Comfort, Smart, Sport and Eco.
  • It also includes a 12-inch digital instrument panel and touch screen.
  • The car has a highly advanced navigation system.
  • This is in addition to the presence of airbags in the front and sides.
  • A system for controlling the internal air conditioning in the car through buttons.
  • The car also has sports seats.
  • As for the brake system found in BMW cars, it is anti-lock brakes (ABS).
  • It has an EBD electronic brake force distribution system.
  • It also includes an electronic vehicle stabilization system.
  • It also contains sensors that help in the rear parking of the car.
  • As well as a rear camera.
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