Ford Transit i 2022 specifications


Ford Transit i 2022 specifications – Ford has announced the launch of the all-electric Ford Transit i 2022, which belongs to the van category, with an engine power of 266 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque with a 67 kW battery.

Ford Transit i 2022 specifications

The Ford Transit i 2022 battery supports an electric range of 203 km per charge, which means that it is intended for transportation mainly within cities and not for travel and camping.

The Ford Transit i 2022 has a maximum payload of 1,946 kilograms, with the batteries positioned under the floor to allow for storage space similar to standard models with internal combustion engines.

Ford Transit i 2022 specifications
Ford Transit i 2022 specifications

Ford Transit i 2022 equipment

The Ford Transit i 2022 electric vehicle comes with a 12-inch screen for Ford’s latest infotainment system. With Co-Pilot 360’s state-of-the-art safety systems that include lane keeping, Ford Transit i 2022 specifications early collision avoidance, automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, a 360-degree camera and more.

The Ford Transit i 2022 will be launched in the markets at the end of 2021, Ford Transit i 2022 specifications with an initial price of less than 45,000 dollars, according to Ford, which is equivalent to about 700,000 Egyptian pounds.

New specs for Ford Transit i 2022

The front axle limited-slip differential, designated “mLSD”, is always activated when one of the front wheels loses grip on a slippery surface. The thrust is distributed back and forth at lightning speed, Ford Transit i 2022 specifications and rotation is largely prevented.

In all this, a purely mechanical lock is meshed with an anti-slip electronic ESP. Whereas the system in sports cars is mainly used to accelerate out of curves faster and without reducing the steering wheel.

Owners of the Tourneo Active eight-seater MPV, for example, should be able to move around safely on delicate surfaces. This applies to mud and snow as well as to very wet roads.

Suitable for all weather conditions

Plus, depending on the budget, a neatly fitted sedan chair spoils you with modern technology in the engine compartment. It uses a starter alternator instead of an alternator, stores the energy generated during idle in a 48V battery, and thus supplies the electrical auxiliary units. This means that Torneo can call itself a “mild hybrid”.

The older brother of the Tourneo, the flawless Transit commercial vehicle with the addition of the “Trail”, Ford Transit i 2022 specifications is then a true SUV. The 3.5-tonne truck that operates this way is recognizable from the front by the black radiator grille with oversized Ford lettering in the style of the American pickup legend Raptor.

Driving through impassable terrain north of Munich, he demonstrated his skills at inclined driving, through deep canyons or forest paths softened by incessant rain. Amazon messenger can also use it to deliver to a Nirvana hermit in the rainforest if online retailers want to afford the all-wheel drive price.

However, Ford Transit i 2022 specifications the 5,50-meter giant must pass in the climbing system, for example over obstacles such as boulders. The all-wheel drive system doesn’t turn a bulky truck into a Jeep or Land Rover.

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